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Thanks to its anti-aging treatment, the Peloid Complex® takes care of the skin around the eyes, smoothes emerging wrinkles and prevents formation of new ones. Components of the Peloid Complex® provide the skin around the eyes with a calming effect, eliminate signs of fatigue and stress, reduce dark circles and puffiness. Active elements of the Peloid Complex® retain flexibility and elasticity of the skin around the eyes, make your skin glow. Milk thistle extract intensely nourishes the skin around the eyes and smoothes fine lines. Apple extract nourishes, moisturizes and soothes the skin, enhances natural regeneration of skin cells. Caffeine removes the excess fluid from skin cells, and thus, reduces puffiness around the eyes.

Regular use of the cream will make your delicate skin around the eyes more elastic. Active elements of the Peloid Complex® help restore skin cells and thus, significantly reduce wrincles, tighten eye contour, decrease swelling and formation of dark circles. Peloid Complex® fills the skin with energy, makes it glow and look young and hrealthy. Your skin looks more attractive, expressive and no longer tired.

With Peloid Complex® milk thistle and Apple extracts.

For all skin types. 

Produced in Latvia by Eliēr. 


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