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Night cream for all skin types. 50ml

Activlift night cream with Peloid Complex®  Coffee and Milk thistle extracts. It provides an effective and intense action during the night. Peloid Complex® regenerates the skin, quickly enters into deep layers of the skin, regenerates cells and smoothes wrinkles. Ideally nourishes the skin, fills it with vital energy, has a deep antioxidant action. Peloid Complex® contains elements, which facilitate the synthesis of collagen and elastane and regenerate skin elasticity. Peloid Complex® activates skin cleansing systems, prolongs life of young cells, enriches them with necessary microelements and significantly enhances skin moisturization. Coffee extract helps restore skin elasticity and gives the skin a healthy look. Milk thistle extract fights against premature wrinkles.

Free of parabens, mineral oil, ingredients of animal origin.

Produced in Latvia by Organic Life Laboratory

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