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Day cream for all skin types. 50ml

Activlift day cream with Peloid Complex® milk thistle and apple extracts. Day cream is created to help protect the skin against premature aging. Peloid Complex® contains elements, which help slow skin aging processes, help restore and rejuvenate the skin on the cellular level, improve skin complexion. Active components of the Peloid Complex® smooth fine lines, clearly underline facial contours, fill the skin with radiance and vitality. Peloid Complex® enhances skin elasticity and stimulates proper functioning of skin cells. Milk thistle extract provides antioxidant activity and protects the skin from environmental hazards during the whole day. Liquorice extract actively prevents deepening of existing wrinkles and formation of new ones. Apple extract enhances natural regeneration of skin cells, improves the immune system of the skin, softens and moisturizes it.

Free of parabens, mineral oil, ingredients of animal origin.

Produced in Latvia by Organic Life Laboratory

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