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Serum for all skin types. 50ml

Serum with Peloid Complex® Gingseng extract and Vitamin B3. Complex effect face serum developed by ELIER Laboratory™ for intensive regenerating contains Peloid Complex®, which combines minerals, vitamins and organic substances that provide the skin with a very delicate and necessary care as a well as a deeply nourishing and regenerating effect. Anti-oxidants, contained in Peloid Complex® strengthen cell energetic structure and neutralize free radicals thus preventing wrinkle formation and skin ageing. Efficiently solves skin tone and elasticity problems, reduce wrinkles. Gingseng extract helps to reduce and even out wrinkles and lines. Peppermint leaf extract has a toning and refreshing effect. Vitamin B3 soothes irritated skin. Mineral composition rich in algae extract helps maintain a necessary moisture level in skin cells, improves elasticity of the skin.

Produced in Latvia by Organic Life Laboratory

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