Our story

My name is Sanita and I am the author and founder of the Latvian green studio “pienene” (meaning “dandelion”). I come from the banking sector, which I left years ago, to do something from my heart with love. And so, in the year 2011, the green studio “pienene” was created. A place where Latvian products meet and a place to meet friends. In the cozy atmosphere, we have connected the Latvian design shop with a cafeteria, making it an interesting and heartwarming place to delight every visitor of the studio.

Gradually, the studio has become a known brand “pienene” and we have produced the brand product lines – home textiles, clothing and accessories.

The “pienene” brand

The brand is inspired by Latvian meadows and forests, seas and walks, away from the office.

In our products, we use natural materials – flax, leather, cotton, and wool, which are pleasant to the skin, comfortable in everyday life and attractive in design. For the feeling of coziness, we have created a homemade textile line with linen bedding, linen tablecloths, and towels. And our clothing line with linen dresses and tunics is a perfect fit with the “pienene” backpacks, inviting you to go for a longer hike in nature.


We believe that there should be a place where you can fully taste Latvian delicious herbal teas, chicory coffee and local wines. And our studio is exactly that place! The extensive range of herbal teas reminds of grandmother’s herbal tea stock with the aroma of summer meadows, which you can enjoy leisurely with delicious snacks. And lastly, here you can find the selection of local wines in all varieties of taste – from the freshness of birch juice to autumn raspberry wine velvet.

What else can we offer?

  • With our help you can prepare presents with a story, to surprise your cooperative partners outside Latvia, customers, friends, colleagues or your whole family!
  • We organize tastings of Latvian wines and local cheeses, not forgetting Riga black balsam, buns with hemp butter and honey cake
  • In our studio you can organize seminars in a creative atmosphere
  • We love to inspire in our creative workshops – porcelain painting, bath bags manufacturing based on ancestral recipes, beeswax candles wrapping & chocolate painting. Mmmm…