Chamomile Tea, Linda Griin


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30 g

Ingredients: dried camomile

Medicinal camomile (Latin: Matricaria chamomilla) is a camomile genus plant that belongs to composite or aster family.
Camomile is one of the most widely used herbal drugs in both medicine and beauty industry due to its effects that are extensive and effective. Due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and soothing qualities, camomile may be used both orally and externally. Earliest known use of camomile was in treating diarrhea. Weak camomile tea was used to treat the constipation problem.
Camomile has a strong antibacterial effect. It is advisable to use for strengthening the cardiovascular system, improving renal function and gastric relaxation. The herb has qualities to enhance the digestive system and to reduce abdominal swelling.
Camomile tea works as a calming and fatigue remissive in case of insomnia. Camomile is also used as a disinfectant mouth rinse. Camomile tea is recommended as a prevention and treatment of cold. In addition, it helps to reduce bone fractures and pain, as well as tooth pain, and different oedematous. Eye and ear inflammations could be treated with camomile compresses. It also could be used to treat various skin rashes, swelling, inflammations, non-healing wounds and sores. Camomile tea has a pleasant mild flavour that children love.

Produced in Latvia by Linda Griin

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