Biological Topinamburs’ powder, Linda Griin


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100 g or 360 g

Ingredients: Dried Topinambur (Jerusalem artichoke)

Jerusalem artichoke powder is a natural fiber and prebiotic-containing food product. It is derived from Jerusalem artichoke, Europe, known as the Jerusalem artichoke (Latin: Helianthus tuberosus) tubers. 

Jerusalem artichokes unique chemical composition has very beneficial effect on the body in absolutely all cases of digestive disease stages and which has been confirmed in independent studies at various times, in various clinics and institutes.

Jerusalem artichoke actively accumulating silicon from the soil, and the manganese, silicon and zinc content of Jerusalem artichoke is greater than has potatoes, carrots or beets. Roots (tubers) also contains proteins, pectins, amino acids and organic acids. Jerusalem artichoke contains up to 11% pectin, vitamin B and B2 content in Jerusalem artichoke is three times more than potatoes, carrots or beets. Jerusalem artichoke powder can be added to cookies, muffins, creams, various pastries, porridge, sauces, as well as coffee, dairy products and beverages. It’s proven that adding powder to pastries, ensures the freshness of the product over a long period of time and does not let them dry up.

Produced in Latvia by Linda Griin




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