Lace Candle Red, 3 sizes

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Red crystal stearin candle. Handmade.

A crystal stearin candle that creates a lace-like effect along the edge of the candle when burning.  Lace pattern is always unique as it is affected by the burning conditions in your house (such as temperature, draught, ventilation etc.). The stearin candle has a unique crystal effect and burns long with a tall bright flame and illuminate the room more than a regular paraffin candle.

Stearin is produced from renewable resources, so it does not emit additional CO2 into the environment.
This stearin material is certified according to the prestigious Nordic Swan Ecolabel standard.
The candle must have a safe pad during the burning.

Vegan friendly, non GMO.

Available in 3 sizes:
S size  50 x 100 mm / Burn time 15 h*
M size  50 x 150 mm / Burn time 23 h*
L size 50 x 200 mm / Burn time 38 h*

* all conditions for burning candles must be observed

Produced in Latvia by Dobeles sveces

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