100 Oversized Cardboard Building Blocks, GiGi Bloks


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Oversized building blocks will grant your kids pleasure by allowing them to build their real size buildings, animals, cars, inventions, and more. A set of a hundred blocks will provide kids with endless variation in their building possibilities, along with hours of imaginative and creative fun. These easy to connect, noiseless, safely lightweight blocks are made of eco-friendly and durable cardboard. We skipped the constructions, instructions and color codes, making them ideal for kids to express their own creativity. Also while building and experimenting with GIGI in all it’s different combinations kids strengthen their problem-solving skills by discovering what works and what does not. The blocks are in an open form so it would be easy to transport them home. Designed so they can be quickly and easily folded without any additional resources. After you’ve assembled your blocks you are ready to build all that your mind desires.

Value for your child:

Develops creative thinking

Teaches problem-solving skills

Provides endless possibilities for play

Promotes imaginative play that’s fun

Eco-friendly material

Lightweight and safe

Storage: Use your imagination, and incorporate blocks with a practical purpose. Create a wall, a toy box, a table or a tower.

Composition: 80 double blocks ( 20cm x10cmx10cm) and 20 single unit blocks (size: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm). By combining them all together you can build the wall in size of almost 2 square meters.

Produced in Latvia by GiGi Bloks

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