Riga Chocolate Collection, Caps!

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95 g or 190 g 

Our roots run deep in our sweet, sweet Latvia. This CAPS! selection of dark, milk and white chocolate creations showcase true epitome of no-regret indulgence. Each delicious creation captures the surprising flavor of real arctic berries and fruits like chokeberry, blackcurrant, cranberry, gooseberry,strawberry, rowan berry and apple.

This box allows you to travel the world in decadence with its super-natural flavors.

Ingredients: chocolate (cacao content 55%), milk chocolate (cacao content 35%), white chocolate (cacao content 28%), sugar, cacao butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier – soya lecithin, flavouring – vanilla, double cream, candied cranberries (6,5%), dried apples (5,2%), sour cream, sugar, dried plums (4%), hazelnuts (3,35%) dried natural apricots (3,1%) almonds (2%), raisins (1,4%), rosemary oil, butterpollen.

No artificial additives, suitable for vegetarians, 100% hand crafted

Produced in Latvia by Caps!

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