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Beeswax lamp with lamp latvian ethnographic sign God. 100% natural beeswax.

God sign is a symbol of the creator and provider of everything.

The beeswax lamp looks great both in the light and in the twilight. During the day, it is more of a design object, but in the evening, a lighted lamp gives a soft light and fragrance. Unlike a candle, the light emitted by a lamp is much softer because the flame is not visible. The soft light creates a cozy atmosphere and fills the room with a pleasant aroma of honey. The candle flame illuminates the lamp from the inside, so the light through the cutouts of the lamp reflects the sign on the nearby walls and surfaces.

The lamp smells much stronger when the candle is burning in it. To get the most perfect honey aroma, we recommend also using beeswax tea candles.

It is preferable not to keep the lamp in a sunny place, because the beeswax fades. To keep it yellow longer, it is better to store it in a darker place. With the onset of sunny weather, put it in a box. Then you can light it again whenever you want.

The set consists: beeswax lamp, beeswax tealight candle.

Size of besswax lamp: diameter 14 cm, height 10 cm

Cartboard box packaging.

Produced in Latvia

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Latvian ethnographic signs

Austras koks, Green snake, Jumis, Laima, Mara Cross, Morning Star, Sign of God, Sun, Ūsiņš