Beeswax Happiness Kit




Latvians have long been a source of happiness. In the last half century, tin or lead was used to cast happiness. However, this brings with it various inconveniences, the most significant of which is the harmfulness of lead.

That is why Emilija Bee Wax has taken care of a set of casting of natural material – beeswax happiness. There are 7 pieces in one package, so there are 7 happinesses. The size of the piece is made just big enough to make the happiness the most expressive. Unlike metal limes, remember that the wax of beeswax can be lifted out of the water in a few minutes, as the inside must also be able to harden.

Pour happiness and stimulate your imagination! Don’t stop dreaming!

Set includes: 7 pieces

Size of set: ~135 x 13 mm

Produced in Latvia by  Emilija Bee Wax

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Weight 0.2 kg