Beeswax Birthday Candles




Beeswax Birthday Candle set. 100% pure beeswax.

What are birthday cakes without candles and wishes!? It is very important that in this lovely moment we breathe the smell of a natural material – beeswax!
Beeswax candles are so natural that they don’t need candle holders at all – they can be inserted directly into the cake, and our cake candles do not drip. The duration of their burning is 45 minutes, so the congratulators will have time to sing “happy birtday to you…”, but the jubilee will have time to receive gifts and imagine the most incredible wishes…

The set consists of 12 candles in the cardboard box.

Size of candle: 8 x 70 mm

Burn time: 45 min

Produced in Latvia

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Weight 0.42 kg

Round, Square, Twisted