Silmachy Moustache wax




Moustache wax. 10 ml

Medium hard hold moustache wax based on beeswax, natural butters and herbal oils.

This moustache wax is made from rich-in-vitamins Cannabis oil, moisturizing Shea butter and natural Candelila wax and Beeswax. It gives your moustache only the best care. With no added artifical chemicals.

Use: Take just a small dosage of wax on your fingernail, rub the wax between your fingers to warm it up. Then start applying it from the center of your mustache to the edges. If you want a more natural look, simply work a moderate amount of wax into your moustache and don’t twist the ends. You can also use a moustache comb to work it in. If you want a handlebar look, you’ll need to apply more product and twist the edge of the hairs into a point.

Ingredients: Cera Flava, Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) butter, Cannabis sativa oil, A -Tocopherol (E vitamin), Citrus paradisi essential oil

Produced in Latvia by Silmachy

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