Acorn Necklace with Cornflower Petals




Acorn Necklace with Cornflower Petals.

This necklace is a piece of Nature with real acorn cap and cornflower petals. Acorn pendant goes with waxed cotton cord. You may easily adjust the length of the cord by sliding two fisherman’s knots back and forth.

Acorn’s size: 2.5 cm / 0.98 inches

Length of cord: 40 – 85 cm/ 33.5 inches

The necklace is packaged in wooden box.

Materials: acorn cap, eco resin, cornflower petals, waxed cotton cord and bronze tone screw eye pin bail. Eco resin is plant based resin that is 100% non-toxic, 100% non-yellowing, 100% non-conductive, 100% non-allergic and safe both for environment and user.

Produced in Latvia by Dabas Rotas

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Weight 0.1 kg