Dark & Milk Chocolate Collection, Caps!


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95 g or 190 g

This CAPS! chocolate collection is a masterpiece of fine chocolate confection. With hand-crafted chocolate pieces that showcase four intriguing flavors like rye bread – cranberry, dark plum, nut and apple-caramel. The excellent gift or delicious treat for yourself that will always make you smile.

Ingredients: chocolate (cacao content 55%), milk chocolate (cacao content 35%), white chocolate (cacao content 28%), sugar, cacao butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier – soya lecithin, flavouring – vanilla; double creamalmonds (4%), candied cranberries (3,3%), candied blackcurrant (3,2%), dried apples (2,6%), sour cream, sugar, candied pumpkin (2,4%), dried plums (2%), rye bread crumbs (2%), candied quince (1,8%), dried natural apricots (1,6%), candied cranberries (1%), raisins (0,7%), vanilla extract, butter, rosemary oil, cinnamon, pollen.

No artificial additives. 100% hand crafted.

Produced in Latvia by Caps!

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