Mummy`s Tea, Dr.Pakalns


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Tea is provided for breastfeeding mothers dietary enrichment. It stimulates the milk glands, promote the secretion of milk. The active substances of plants, which arrive in mother’s milk, prevent infants digestive problems (bloating, cramps, spasms), they quiets. Appetite of mothers improves, tea regulates menstrual cycle in postpartum period.

Preparation: pour 1 cup (200 ml) of boiling water on 1 tablespoon of herb, allow to infuse for 15 minutes, filter. Tea is recommended to drink undiluted or diluted with boiled water. You can add sugar or honey for taste.

Ingredients: caraway fruit 11g, fennel fruit 10g, melissa leaf 11g, matricaria flower 10g, alchemilla 11g, yarrow 10g, roselle 1,5g

Produced in Latvia by Rīgas Farmaceitiskā fabrika

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