Linden Flower Tea, Linda Griin


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15 g

Ingredients: dried linden flowers
Ordinary linden (Latin: Tilia cordata) is up to 30 m tall tree with a broad crown; a member of a linden family. Linden flowers are collected in full bloom period, when most of the flowers are in bloom. Linden flower tea has respiratory, bactericidal, temperature lowering, diuretic and secretolytic effect. Linden blossoms are often combined with other herbal medicines to treat liver, stomach, intestine, kidney diseases and other. Linden blossom in folk medicine is used to treat rheumatism, cough, abdominal pain, diphtheria, seizures and for kidney stones treatment. This tea is recommended for treating tonsillitis, cold diseases, upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, and cough. It also helps for headaches, especially, if you have migraine attacks. It is good sedative for nerves in stressful situations. The tea helps in stomach cramp cases. Linden blossom tea is used externally for skin disinfection, itch and redness, or in making a relaxing bath.

Produced in Latvia by Linda Griin

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