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Kokotājs is an educational game made for children and their parents to help recognize and learn the different types trees that can be found in Latvia. Inside the box there are 18 cards – on 9 cards there are the trees themselves and on the remaining 9 there are pictured leaves and fruit of the appropriate tree. The aim of the game is to find matching pairs of the trees and their leaves, fruit. This is a fun and educational way for children to learn the different types of trees and to train their memory while playing this game. The cards are of thick paper and laminated, the drawings are especially glazed for more visual effect. Information about the trees, their medicinal properties and fun facts can be found inside the box.

In the package you will find:

  • Convenient cardboard boxes;
  • 18 game cards made out of thick paper;
  • Information sheet about the trees, their medicinal properties, fun facts.
  • Instructional guide.



Produced in Latvia by Olive Latvia.

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