Educational Toys Alfred The Strong and His Brothers, Lazuri


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The puzzle consists ​​of small, wooden stick men, which are made of 16 mm plywood, natural linseed oil is used in the making process of these toys. Alfred’s each leg is the same size as the curvature of the neck so they can be put together in countless ways, and combinations. It is possible to personalize the small Alfed by coloring it. The puzzle helps in the child’s movement coordination development and small motor skills, as well as train attention, patience and precision. Contributes to a child’s imagination via their role in Alfred and home games. It is an interesting and joyful activity.

Suitable for children from 2 years of age.

Alfred’s size: 60 mm wide, 85 mm high, 16mm thick.

Box size: 290 mm ​​wide, 230 mm high, 120 mm thick.

Produced in Latvia by Lazuri

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