Tooth Powder Monk Island




Monk Island Tooth Powder. 35 g

Monk Island Tooth Powder is made from 4 natural ingredients manufactured and sourced in Europe. Tooth powder helps to clean, remineralize, polish and revitalize your teeth.

Why Monk Island Tooth powder:
– no fluoride, no SLS,
– polishes, pH balance,
– compostable packaging,
– vegan & cruelty-free.

Use: Dampen toothbrush in water and dip in the powder. Wash your teeth for 2min and rinse well. We recommend pouring the powder into a small container for easy use.
35g powder is for 6 weeks for one person.

Store in a dry place up to 4 months from opening.

Ingredients: Calcium carbonate (remineralizes and polishes), Kaolin (absorbs toxins and polishes), Xylitol (decreases bad bacterial growth and pH balance in the mouth), Menthol (aroma, antibacterial).

Produced in Latvia

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