Mud Body Scrub Citrus


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Mud body scrub Citrus. 200 ml

This mud body scrub is an unique natural healing complex with cleansing, regenerating and micromassage effect. It contains all necessary elements for the body skin, such as microelements, minerals and antioxidants. Body scrub improves the blood circulation and nourishes the skin. It also rejuvenates the skin and gives to you the feeling of freshness and leisure in complex with citrus aroma.

Usage: Take the small amount of scrub and apply on the skin. It will be enough with two tablespoons of the product for one time. Then massage the scrub into the skin with circular movements towards the heart from the ankles up, from the palms of the shoulder. Body scrub should not be used on face and neck skin.

Ingredients: Purified and treated peat mud mixed with sulphur mineral water from Kemeri, Orange Essential Oil

Produced in Latvia

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