Body Lotion Verbena & Almond


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Body lotion Verbena & Almond. 200 ml

This body lotion has the unique formula. The lotion is made from the sulphur mineral water contains the mud extract. The nourishing body cream with grape seed oil and D-Panthenol. It softens the skin and makes it silky. The body lotion helps to keep the moisture level of skin and makes it mild. It absorbs easy, makes the skin look healthy and prevents aging as well.

Verbena and almond fragrance is both refreshing and uplifting. Very authentic smelling, strong, and “clean”. Smells like a cup of freshly brewed verbena tea.

How to use:  Apply a cream to the cleaned skin with massage movements.

Ingredients: Sulphur mineral water from Kemeri,  grape seed oil, Methyl glucose sesquistéarate, D-Panthenol, Benzyl alcohol, Dehydroacetic acid, Peat mud extract, Parfum

Produced in Latvia

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